Posted: Apr 30, 2021

Asst Dir/Honors Advisor

University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH
Application Deadline: N/A

Job Overview

Mentor and coach current University Honors Program (UHP) students through their experience, guiding students in in identifying interests and opportunities, setting goals, reflecting on experiences, and telling their stories. Assist in developing global citizen scholars who lead innovative efforts toward solving the world’s complex problems.

Essential Functions

Serve as an advisor/mentor/coach for 300-350 University Honors students in specific disciplines. Integrate UHP vision, student learning outcomes, and Bearcat Promise into all engagement with students. Advise students and help them develop a sense of belonging in the UHP. Facilitate mandatory first-year and mid-career advising.

Coach students in exploring what global citizen scholar means to them and what complex problems they want to contribute to solving. Guide students in critical reflection to identify and articulate their goals. Coach students in identifying honors experiences that help to achieve those goals. Mentor students in updating their goals as they move through their UC and UHP experience. Coach students in developing resiliency and reflective capacity to make sense of their growth and apply their learning. Integrate the Bearcat Promise by coaching students to effectively tell their stories – to critically reflect on and make meaning out of their experiences, articulate their learning, inform their next steps, and share their story (written, verbally, and through their honors learning portfolio).

Mentor students through completing UHP requirements, including individualized planning for honors experiences, development and completion of self-designed honors experience proposals, review and feedback on required reflections on honors experiences, review of honors experience showcases in learning portfolios, ongoing holistic development of each student’s learning portfolio, and review and feedback on each student’s annual Year-In-Review. Complete a formal progress review for every student each summer. Keep detailed records of communication with students in UHP database.

Develop collaborative relationships with stakeholders from colleges and units across campus to increase opportunities for students and success of students in UHP. Focus on increasing honors opportunities and UHP retention and graduation rates for students in assigned colleges. Notify students of specific honors opportunities related to their colleges/majors. Facilitate connections and networking for students across campus and in the community.

Manage short-term and long-term projects, as assigned. Projects include: managing the Biomedical Research and Mentoring Program, managing UHP Discover research program, managing the UHP Peer Mentoring Program, managing UHP innovation programs, managing UHP engagement in Bearcats Bound Orientation, managing pre-approved honors experiences, managing the Digital Honors Lounge, and overseeing the Gateway to University Honors class. 

Teach Gateway to University Honors course.

 Support UHP programs and events. Lead presentations at Admissions events and for incoming first-year students and families during Bearcats Bound Orientation. Assist with other admissions events. Review applications in the UHP transition admissions process. Meet with prospective students /families. Participate in experiences alongside students.

Perform related duties based on departmental need. This job description can be changed at any time.